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L.A.'s own radical nuns

To the editor: Forty-five years ago last March, the Immaculate Heart sisters felt the brunt of male hierarchical power as the Los Angeles Archdiocese intruded into their lives, including their manner of dress and prayer and their freedom to choose active ministries. ("Vatican ends its years-long investigation of American nuns," April 16)

Founded in 1848, their days were numbered. No papal intervention arrived; the nuns were forced to relinquish their vows. The women then formed the still vibrant Immaculate Heart Community, which is open to men and women of many faiths with no gender exclusions.

The cautious detente between Leadership Conference of Women Religious, which represents most U.S. nuns, and the Vatican fails to truly recognize American nuns as people of conscience and open natures of love.

Forgive to your heart's content, but forget at your peril. Rome is not the Church; we are.

Nan Cano, Westlake Village

The writer is a member of the Immaculate Heart Community.

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