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Can't we prevent child abuse?

To the editor: The torture and killing of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez (“D.A. seeks death penalty in torture case,” July 2) at the hands of his mother and her boyfriend was as tragic and horrifying as it was preventable. It is unfathomable that this child endured unspeakable acts of abuse from the very person responsible for his well-being. It is unimaginable that someone did not take action to save his life during eight years of brutality and parental abuse.

There are many more Gabriels in our society. Drug addiction has catastrophic results for the innocents cast into a world of troubled, dangerous and violent adults.

Increased home visits will not solve this problem. The Department of Children and Family Services' policies regarding drug abuse and addiction related to child neglect and abuse need to be examined and radically reformed to ensure protection of our most vulnerable people.

Karen Neville, La Puente


To the editor: For all those seeking the end of the death penalty, I dare them to read this article.

I can't think of two more worthy candidates than the subhumans who imposed a short life of unthinkable brutality on their young son.

Alan Segal, San Diego


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