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Are the children crossing our border asking for too much?

To the editor: The "crush" of minors at our southern border has pushed the GOP into panic mode. Republicans need to take a breath and think more compassionately. ("GOP focused on wrong set of children," Op-Ed, July 23)

These kids could soon be part of our workforce, paying taxes and funding Social Security. The kids who make it to our border should be welcomed with open arms, not by a show of military might, as Texas Gov. Rick Perry seems ready to do by ordering National Guard troops to the border.

Perry could benefit by rereading the history of his great state. Early in 19th Century America, ranchers and fighters freely crossed the southwestern border. They were not seeking Mexican citizenship but had the express agenda of creating their own republic.

Today's Central American kids are not separatist insurgents. They just want a safer, family-oriented land in which to grow up — the land of opportunity, right?

J.H. Benson, Altadena


To the editor: While we are making plans to organize humanitarian refuge for children in Central America who face gang violence, crime, poverty and corruption, can we think of any way to provide asylum to American children who are in the same boat?

Millions of American children live lives of fear and disruption in our cities. Some sleep in bathtubs to be safe from gunfire at night; they miss school because they are afraid to cross gang turf; they are bullied into joining gangs, forced to deal drugs, raped and sexually abused, victimized by corrupt police as well as by crime.

To what country can they look to find relief from their situations? They are already living in the country to which much of the world looks for rescue.

Marcia Goldstein, Laguna Woods

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