Keep the Christian cross out of the public arena

To the editor: As The Times notes, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals wrote that the cross is a "symbol of hope and healing for all persons." ("Judges, remember: Cross is a Christian symbol," Editorial, July 30)

Those judges' history classes long ago must have been sadly lacking.


For many, the cross is the symbol of centuries of religious persecution, warfare, forced conversions, slavery and corruption. Luckily, the "Cross at Ground Zero" is just a chunk of metal that survived the bombing caused by zealots of a different religion.

We are fortunate to live in a wonderful country without an official religion, where our Constitution protects the right for each person to choose to participate in any religious practice or not. Let's keep religion and religiosity out of the public arena, as our founders intended.

Judith Fenton, Costa Mesa


To the editor: Your reasoning about Christian crosses on public property deserves a prize for double talk. In arguing that the "Cross at Ground Zero" should not be removed, you want it both ways.

Your argument reminds me of the mayor in "High Noon" who both praised the sheriff and wanted him to leave town.

Religious crosses on public property are a government endorsement of Christianity. Full stop.

Kevin McGill, Chula Vista