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Hollywood's new honcho: Kim Jong Un

To the editor: Historically, in order to greenlight a motion picture, one had to work his or her way up past the reader, the lower-level development executive and finally to the decision-maker. Along the way might have been the approval of a censor. ("Attackers win a round over Sony's 'Interview,'" Editorial, Dec. 17)

Financiers would then have to be persuaded to make their contribution. Finally, legal would clear it for any potential liabilities and insurance purposes.

Now, there's a new development executive in town: All scripts are being run by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. And there's no formal submission process — he automatically reviews scripts from the studio's own email system. If your confidential emails remain so, the script is approved.

In fact, some studios, fearful of translation problems, are making sure an approved Korean translation of scripts is available. A few are sending delegations to Pyongyang to open up satellite offices and receive more specific suggestions during development so the scripts don't go too far awry too early.

Dennis Rodman is the current Sony representative.

Richard Sigler, San Pedro

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