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Outrage over Roman Polanski's escape from justice

To the editor: Roman Polanski's attorney Alan Dershowitz says that his client's "liberty interests and the integrity of the justice system are at stake." ("Roman Polanski loses bid for dismissal of sexual assault conviction," Dec. 24)

I couldn't agree more. How is it possible that a famous 43-year-old film director can drug and rape a 13-year-old girl and then walk away believing that he would face no further time behind bars after having served 42 days of psychiatric evaluation?

Polanski's attorney claims that the judge (and prosecution) in his case walked away from the deal because of the "public outcry" at the time, resulting in Polanski running away to the safety of France hours before sentencing.

That public outcry still lingers on. And over the last 37 years, it has been joined by many current and former inmates of the California prison population. They agree with Dershowitz: The integrity of the justice system is at stake — so why didn't they get similar deals?

Kenneth Blain, Aliso Viejo

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