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Sen. Dianne Feinstein laments that Trump hasn't brought the nation together

 (Mina Corpuz / Los Angeles Times)
(Mina Corpuz / Los Angeles Times)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Tuesday said now more than ever President Trump should work to unite and heal the country.

“The one thing he needs to do, in my view, is bring this nation together, and he hasn’t done that,” Feinstein said at a Commonwealth Club event in San Francisco.

Feinstein, a Democrat, talked about her support for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for people brought to the country illegally as children. She called on Trump, who is considering rescinding the program, to allow these immigrants to stay. 

“These young people so want to be Americans, and they want to work and be part of this country,” she said.

She also offered a moment of silence for victims of Tropical Storm Harvey. 

The crowd showed its political leanings when asking her about efforts in Congress to impeach Trump.

The senator said the president is likely to be in office for the next few years, adding that she hopes he will learn and change.

Several audience members booed and shouted, “No!”

Feinstein had her own critics at the scene.

Members of Indivisible SF demonstrated outside the theater as they objected to the fact Feinstein had not hosted a town hall during the August congressional recess. Christine Wei, a spokeswoman for the grass-roots group, complained that anyone wanting to ask the senator a question at this forum would have needed to pay $40 to $65 for a ticket. 

Instead, Feinstein fielded questions from the audience read to her by Ellen Tauscher, a former congresswoman who represented the Central Valley and served as an undersecretary in the Obama administration. Most of the attendees were members of the Commonwealth Club.

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