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California Legislature

State assemblywoman shelves legislation to make 'stealthing' punishable as rape in California

A state Assemblywoman has shelved her bill to make "stealthing," or tampering with a condom during sex, a form of rape under California law, saying it did not have enough support to win approval this year.

In a statement, Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens) said she would commit to educating lawmakers on the issue and holding ongoing discussions to file a similar proposal next legislative session.

"I, and others, believe stealthing is a violation of informed consent, and sex without consent in California is rape," said Garcia, who last year helped expand the legal definition of rape in the state.

The latest version of the bill would have made it a crime of felony sexual battery to remove or tamper with a condom during sex. It also went further, making it a felony to lie about being on birth control or another form of contraception other than a condom.

"Some of the amendments I was asked to make are simply inconsistent with my beliefs on this issue," she said in her statement. "I don’t want the matter to die a legislative death, so I’ve opted to postpone hearings this year to address the concerns raised."

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