Baseball: It's back to studying signs for ECR

Eric Sondheimer
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With the bases loaded and one out on Wednesday in a season-opening game against Narbonne, El Camino Real appeared to attempt a suicide squeeze. The problem was the runner from third never took off and the ball was bunted too hard, resulting in a double play.

As it turns out, the batter, Colton Snyder, thought he saw Coach Josh Lienhard give the squeeze sign (it's top secret what the squeeze sign is). He put down the bunt.

"He thought I touched something that I didn't touch," Lienhard said.

And I thought signs weren't complicated.

Lienhard talked to Snyder later. I'll be watching next time to see if Lienhard touches his noise for the squeeze play. Or his ear. Or his temple.

Come on, Josh, what is the squeeze play?




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