Jimbo Fisher praises Jameis Winston's 'impeccable character'

Seminoles Coach Jimbo Fisher says media are responsible for 'character assassination' of Jameis Winston

Few people know Jameis Winston better than Florida State Coach Jimbo Fisher.

We may think we know the former Seminoles quarterback based on all the information -- or "misinformation," as Fisher puts it -- out there about Winston's off-field troubles.

"Why is there a question [about Winston's character]?" Fisher said Friday on WDAE Radio in Tampa. "Because of the character assassination that he's lived through in the media, and the misinformation that has been printed and half-truths that have been printed."

Winston was accused of sexual assault in 2012 but not charged with a crime and cleared of violations of Florida State's student code of conduct. Last year he had to perform community service after being caught shoplifting crab legs. He also was suspended a game as punishment for standing on a table and yelling sexually explicit comments at the student union.

"He likes being seen as a normal person and not as Jameis Winston," Fisher said, without mentioning any specific incidents. "He likes to be one of them and that got him in trouble by making some poor decisions trying to be one of them.

"It was probably from a little bit of immaturity, but he's still 20 years old. He'll grow through those things. Jameis is an incredibly intelligent young man."

Wrapping up what had turned into a two-plus-minute soliloquy on the positive qualities of the potential No. 1 overall draft pick, Fisher stated: "Jameis has proven what he's going to do through adversity. He's still going to be Jameis and still be able to stand tall. To me, that showed inpeccable character."

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