Letters: Singing the praises of Elvis Presley and Memphis, Tenn.

Singing the praises of Elvis and Memphis, Tenn.

Regarding "Memphis Tells Our Story," by Andrew Bender, Feb. 7: Although I was not a dyed-in-the-wool Elvis Presley fan before my visit to Graceland in Memphis, Tenn., I left with a profound admiration for the man, his music and the intelligent commentary provided by Lisa Marie, his daughter, along with an indelible belief that the King is alive and well somewhere among the sequins, gold and shag.


I also was delighted to find that Memphis is about so much more than finger-lickin' barbecue and music: The Cotton Museum, for example, contains one of the most comprehensive collections of exhibits intelligently explaining the socioeconomic rhythms of the South, and the Jewish Museum completed my understanding of why the area made such a profound contribution to the textile industry.

Ruth Kramer Ziony

Los Feliz

Bright idea at John Wayne Airport

Reader John Loggins made a good suggestion to have the pillars at LAX color-coded for easier pickup ["The Right Stripe at LAX," Letters, Jan. 31]. John Wayne Airport in Orange County does this and goes one better by having the pillars numbered.

Beginning at No. 1, and going in sequence, it is very easy for a motorist to locate a passenger. Upon entering the airport, there is no need to search each pillar, but simply drive to the proper number, posted large and in a bright color.

Jeanette A. Fratto

Laguna Niguel

Parking in San Francisco

There was one very important omission in the article "Playbook for Super Bowl 50" [More for Your Money, by Michelle Locke, Jan. 31].

It was about parking and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority, or SFMTA. In my opinion, it is one of the most aggressive parking enforcement agencies in California.

The SFMTA outdoes the parking enforcement agencies at LAX and many other cities throughout the United States.

How do I know? I have, as an attorney, defended many with parking (and moving violation) citations in numerous California counties and cities, including San Francisco. (No longer doing that.) A disservice is done in articles for those visiting a city without any dialogue about parking. The difficulty and the expense of parking in San Francisco, a matter of fact, has been a topic of discussion for years among those who live in the city, in nearby cities and elsewhere too.

How sad for your readers to visit San Francisco and to not know in advance about the expense, the difficulty and the likelihood of returning to their automobiles and finding tickets on their front windows. Be very careful … very careful indeed.


Forewarned is forearmed.

Michele Forer

Los Angeles

Chocolate heaven

In the article "In Las Vegas, Chocolate Lovers Are Always Winners" [Jay Jones, Feb. 7], the author gives instances of chocolate tasting. Each of the three confectioners mentioned has costly items, especially the last one — not everyone has $40 for a box of chocolates.

Indeed, for a number of families, such a cost would be prohibitive. There are alternatives, however. Ethel M Chocolates in Henderson, Nev., offers free tours and free samples, and M&M's World, next door to the MGM Grand hotel, offers four floors of chocolates, reasonably priced.

David Tulanian

Los Angeles