For the Record


Michael Connelly: In the Oct. 20 Arts & Books section, an article about the Los Angeles haunts of author Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch character said a downtown mural of actor Anthony Quinn was painted in 1961. It was painted in 1985.

Elton John: In the Oct. 20 Calendar section, an article about Elton John’s new autobiography, “Me,” said the movie “Rocketman” hit theaters in March. It was released in May.

“Modern Love”: In the Oct. 19 Calendar section, an article about the new Amazon series “Modern Love” said the series takes its name, theme and most ofits main characters and story lines from a weekly column in the Style section of the New York Times. The section is called Sunday Styles.


Foreign policy: In the Oct. 20 Section A, a column about foreign policy and the 2020 presidential race said Patrick J. Buchanan campaigned for U.S. president as an isolationist in 1988. It was 1992.

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