For the Record


Lamborghini crash: In the April 29 California section, an article about a settlement agreement in the death of a woman killed by a teenage driver in a speeding Lamborghini said that Chubb Insurance, which was named in a discrimination lawsuit by the family, was paying the entire $18.8 million settlement. The company is paying $10 million, the full amount allowed under the policy. The remainder is being paid by four other insurance companies that were not parties in the discrimination suit but were involved in a wrongful-death claim.

Drought restrictions: In the April 29 Section A, an article about Southern California watering restrictions misidentified Shahzeen Attari as an assistant professor at Indiana University Bloomington. She is an associate professor.

Youth detention facilities: In the March 16 California section, an article about a plan for housing L.A. County juvenile offenders in camps referred to Barry J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall as Barbara J. Nidorf Juvenile Hall.


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