Environmental Programs

An industry leader in recycling, The Times has won several honors for its environmentally safe practices, including a national Environment and Conservation Challenge Award for its recycling and other programs.

According to the California Environmental Protection Agency, The Times is the largest user of recycled newsprint in the state. In 2010, about 73% of all newsprint used by The Times contained a recycled fiber content of at least 50%.

Virgin newsprint purchased by The Times is produced from wood byproducts. No trees are harvested specifically to make newsprint. These byproducts -- primarily wood chips that would have been discarded or used as fuel -- come from lumber operations.

The Times' sole supplier of virgin newsprint was the first mill to establish policies that ensure its wood-chip suppliers follow best practices for sustainable forestry. Compliance with these policies is monitored by governmental, commercial and environmental organizations.

The Times recycles all newsprint related production waste including fiber cores and wrappers. The Times also collects its unsold single copies.

The Times has transitioned to lithographic plate-making technology that eliminates the need to use silver and eliminates the need to process film. This has eliminated the need to capture and recycle the silver from its industrial wastewater.

Systems used at The Times' printing facilities return almost all waste ink back into the production cycle.