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Jeff Bercovici Named as a Deputy Business Editor

Jeff Bercovici will be joining the Los Angeles Times newsroom as a Deputy Business Editor based in the Bay Area.
(Tony Conrad)

As part of the rebuilding of the Los Angeles Times, Executive Editor Norman Pearlstine, Senior Deputy Managing Editor Kimi Yoshino and Technology and Business Editor Ben Muessig made the following announcement.

We’re thrilled to announce that Jeff Bercovici will be joining the Los Angeles Times newsroom. Bercovici will be a Deputy Business Editor overseeing technology, based out of the Bay Area, where he has earned a reputation for generating some of the smartest coverage of Silicon Valley. He will help shape and lead our tech journalism team as The Times doubles down on an industry central to California that is changing the world, for better and worse.

Bercovici previously served as the San Francisco bureau chief at Inc., where as a writer and editor he chronicled the rise and fall of many start-ups that now define the industry. He’s a deeply sourced reporter and a skilled writer who has written a book on aging and sports.