‘The City’: Be careful what you wish for

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After weeks of Roxy-overload, this week Whitney was finally back in the driver’s seat on “The City.” She started the show with a request of Sammy: Wish for cute boys. Whitney’s wish came true. In fact, she got more cute boys than she can handle.

First, she met Harry at a book event with Sammy at Bergdorf Goodman. Handsome (if not a little uneasy in front of the cameras) and well dressed (a bit preppy, but he’s from Connecticut …), Harry definitely set his sights on Whitney and moved in. Soon, Sammy was making a connection – Harry looks like her friend, Freddie. In fact, they’re brothers.

The next night, the brothers met Whitney and Sammy for a barbecue at no other than ex-boyfriend Jay’s place. Adam, his roommate, invited Whitney, because Jay was out of town. Awkward. There’s no possible way that Adam isn’t going to let his roommate know that not only did Whitney attend the party, but she arrived with men in tow. If I remember Jay correctly from last season, he was all for seeing other people as long as he was the only one doing it. The drama train will be arriving at Whitney’s station very soon.

To make it worse, Freddie, despite knowing his brother was interested in Whitney already, asked her out in front of him. There’s brotherly love for you. Granted, Freddie’s age makes him the better pick for her, but I do believe he’s showing his cards early. To add another layer of complication, Whitney suspects Sammy has a thing for him. Who thinks this won’t end simply for the ex-Cali girl? Instead of asking Sammy, Whitney gets advice from Roxy, whose understanding of interpersonal relations rivals that of a stuffed animal. Roxy thinks Whitney should go ahead and date Freddie. On their date, Whitney asks Freddie if anything is going on with Sammy. To which he replies, “Well, I’m here with you, right?” Not at all the slimiest answer he could have given. Hello, Whitney, ask Sammy, unless of course you really don’t want to hear the answer.
Over at Elle, another drama is building ...

Joe Zee decided that Olivia should attend an “intimate” Elle gathering – kind of Olivia’s coming-out party. Erin, once again, argues that Olivia may not be ready and that she would probably not understand the business sense of attending a party with its guests including not only the company’s bigwigs but top designers as well. Once again, her arguments fell on deaf ears, and Zee insensitively calls Olivia into the meeting and invites her in front of Erin.


At the party, Olivia basically gets by on pretty, because her conversation skills leave much to be desired. Meanwhile, Erin is shooting her a look that could melt Antarctica. Eventually, she can’t even be in the room anymore and leaves early. By the way, if that’s what Joe Zee considers an intimate party, his perception of the real world is more far-gone than I thought. I felt like I was watching one of those bootleg DVDs when you see the screen between people’s heads. Finding Waldo would have been easier than finding Erin in those shots.

The next day, Erin attempts to debrief Olivia about the leads she made at the party. To her credit, it seemed that Olivia had actually done some work on it, but Erin laid into her anyway. While Kelly Cutrone’s now infamous “you’ve been doing this five minutes” speech to Roxy was more entertaining, Erin’s speech had the same effect. The message that there may be something they could learn from these more experienced women was lost on them.

Next week, Jay returns! Bad for Whitney, but awesome for us. Can you stand it?

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