‘Biggest Loser’ recap: Don’t mess with Texas. Or Bonnie!


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No way Bob Harper was going to put up with upstarts like Anna and Dolvett eating his lunch.

He had his eyes set on another black team victory. Take that, newbies!

This week included a brilliantly diabolical challenge. Sunny won it: Immunity, and a week at home with her trainer. But like all things ‘Biggest Loser,’ it came with a weighty catch. Her number on the scale would represent the entire black team. In other words, if she screwed up, someone else was going home. And if that wasn’t enough pressure, a loss could destroy Bob’s perfect record.


Because let’s face it, this week was probably more about Bob than it was about Sunny, or Dolvett or Anna. And in the end, Sunny was going to win at the weigh-in even if Bob had to beat the weight off her.

And did he ever.

‘You don’t look like you’re laughing anymore, do you?’ he asked Sunny.

No, no sir.

My only complaint is that we couldn’t hear what those cowboys were saying to each other as they watched Bob rocking the cowboy hat as he gave her a Texas-style beat down, making her push a pickup, toss bales of hay and lug bags of feed up and down stairs in temperatures that topped 110 degrees. (I also want to know what they said to the guy operating the mechanical bull: Make it go reaaaal slow. If anything happens to Bob, you’re Texas toast!)

Actually, we had two brilliant challenges this week. If the ‘Biggest Loser’ hopes to change America’s eating habits, they no doubt accomplished that with the orange soda competition. A 20-ounce serving of orange soda has about 17 teaspoons of sugar in it, America! I’ll never look at orange soda, or any soda, again without thinking of crunching down on all that sugar.

Red finally scored a victory in that challenge, and now gets to send relatives to one of the ‘Biggest Loser’s’ fitness resorts for two weeks. Nice prize! But it wasn’t enough to buoy the red team’s spirits when it once again fell below the dreaded yellow line at the weigh-in. In the end, Courtney went home.

In today’s media conference call with the eliminated player, Courtney said she was offended that she was portrayed as someone whose biggest problem was her self-confidence. But she said she is channeling that energy into kicking butt in the gym and a determination to win the marathon later this season -- and nab that automatic berth at the finale.

She said she is enjoying every bit of her weight loss, such as being able to easily paint her toenails and cross her legs. Asked to speculate about who will be left standing at the finale, she predicted that ‘fierce competitors’ John and Antone have the ability to go the distance. She said she thinks some of the toughest competitors at the marathon will be Ramone and Jessica.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s get to Bonnie. What is up with her? Perhaps I’ve missed it, but Anna has been lavishing plenty of praise on Bonnie, and it seems that Bonnie is the only person standing in her own way. If she managed to finish last week’s obstacle course, then swimming a few laps in a pool should barely cause her to break a sweat, am I right? But Anna, above, better start sleeping with one eye open. Bonnie is coming for her! What do you think about this kerfuffle? Who is right? Bonnie or Anna?



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