Opinion: Old Spice guy’s advice to Obama: Lose the shirt


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By now, most of the women in America and many beyond have come to know Isaiah Mustafa, the self-reporting fine-smelling Old Spice guy from the wonderfully humorous video ads that have gone viral. (See one below)

And of the men who have ever heard of the good-natured Mustafa, many probably now hate him and his sweet-smelling strut.


Bill Clinton’s former political operative George Stephanopoulos sent in an e-mailed question to the Old Spice ad folks, who’ve been answering nearly 200 of the thousands of e-mails with new viral ads. Hey, if Internet users want to help spread the word about Old Spice, what can you do but oblige?

George’s question was: What can a President Obama, now faltering in the polls, do to reconnect with voters, especially females, who’ve been unfollowing him in droves in recent months.

Mustafa’s advice: Henceforth go shirtless -- in a towel. Stop starting the State of the Union with the boring “My fellow Americans,” Pick up Mustafa’s trademark “Haalllooo, ladies!” Then, at the end, go with the big presidential ab point.

And, of course, use a certain manly-smelling body wash. After you watch the video below, check out our pal Christie’s grand collection of Mustafamabilia over here at Ministry of Gossip.

-- Andrew Malcolm

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