I'm writing with a knot in my...

I'm writing with a knot in my stomach because of what NBC did to "The Sound of Music." It seems that NBC holds the same opinion as Kevin Thomas who referred to "still another outing with the Von Trapp family." This is a classic film that can be shown to any age group without qualification or hesitation. It should be handled with the love and respect it deserves, with the assumption that someone is seeing it for the first time each time it is aired. The commercials were so frequent and poorly timed, they were literally nauseating. I obviously love this movie, and I'm furious that an annual tradition has turned into a nightmare.

Ann Melcher, Pacific Palisades Shame on you, NBC, for plugging one of your soaps during "The Sound of Music" with a clip in which a young woman accusingly says to her father, "You molested me." How crass.

Monroe Harpster, Westminster I would like to thank KCOP for bringing back "Star Trek." It's a great gift to those of us who were too young to appreciate the series nearly 20 years ago. The brand-new prints look fantastic. Showing the episodes in order was also a great idea; now we can see how the show evolved. Thanks for bringing back some quality to television.

Adrian McCarthy, La Crescenta KTLA, you just put yourself one notch lower on my list of TV channels (but undoubtedly one notch higher on my mother's). Why? Because you took off the "Twilight Zone" reruns weekdays at noon. If you put the series on Saturdays and Sundays, maybe you would get more viewers.

Karen Bramblett, Thousand Oaks As a dedicated viewer of "Santa Barbara," I must take issue with the woman who, several weeks ago in Viewers' Views, harshly criticized the program. "Santa Barbara" is a new show and is obviously in a tough spot because it airs opposite two well-established daytime dramas, "General Hospital" and "The Guiding Light." Any new daytime drama needs time to build an audience, and certainly stiff competition from programs that already have a loyal viewership will make the early going rough for a fledgling soap.

Tamarra L. Millis, Pasadena I was shocked to see that Steve Edwards' "Three-Three-O" is now one hour. Who could stand it as a half-hour show? I used to enjoy Ann Martin and Chuck Henry's visits to stars' homes and their interviews on "L.A. Today." Edwards can only find soap opera stars whom we have seen all day.

Aline Rogers, Thousand Oaks Thanks again to ABC for keeping "Call to Glory" on the air despite the low ratings. It is an excellent, heartwarming series, and the endings are pure magic.

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