Bridges to Infinity, Michael Guillen (Tarcher). Clear...

Bridges to Infinity, Michael Guillen (Tarcher). Clear and stimulating essays that present the human side of mathematics.

Childhood, Nathalie Sarraute (Braziller). Memoir of one of France's modern literary pioneers.

Dead Man Leading, V. S. Pritchett (Oxford). Novel of a troubled expedition into the Brazilian jungle by the noted short story writer.

False Match, Henry Bean (Washington Square). Counterculture Berkeley of 1970 comes vividly to life in this terse novel about a writer in search of a subject.

An Imaginary Life, David Malouf (Braziller). Australian novelist's story about Latin poet Ovid and his exile from Rome.

The Intuitive Edge, Philip Goldberg (Tarcher). Business and research consultant tries to demystify intuition, showing how it can be applied to practicalities of day-to-day life.

Islam in the World, Malise Ruthven (Oxford). An introductory guide to Islam and an examination of why modern Muslim leaders have declared war on Western civilization.

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