Redondo Beach : Extended Moratorium on Condos Tentatively OKd

The City Council gave tentative approval this week to extending a moratorium on high-density condominium development in North Redondo Beach.

The council voted 2 to 2, with Mayor Barbara Doerr breaking the tie, to restrict new development in most areas north of 190th Street to two units per lot through Sept. 30. The final vote on the moratorium--which could go either way, according to observers--is set for next Monday night.

"It's anybody's guess whether the ordinance will be enacted . . . or if it will die and the moratorium (in effect since last June) will be allowed to lapse," said City Manager Tim Casey.

A vocal crowd packed the council chambers Monday night to debate the issue. Several North Redondo residents complained that down-zoning their properties--most of which have been zoned for three units per lot--would result in declining property values. Proponents of the moratorium have countered that high density development is creating further traffic and parking problems in neighborhoods that are already congested.

City committees are studying possible changes in the general plan that would provide long-term solutions to the issue.

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