Depressed Police Officer Kills Wife, Two Children, Himself

United Press International

A police sergeant said to be depressed over his forced retirement Friday killed his wife and two teen-age children and then himself.

St. Louis County police identified the officer as Virgil Twillman, who was said to be on leave from the University City Police Deparment in suburban St. Louis.

Police said Twillman called a daughter by a former marriage who lived in Washington, Mo., early today and said, "This is a good day to die."

The daughter rushed to her father's home, but he would not let her inside. However, he handed over a deed to the home which he had signed over to her, some personal papers and some guns.

The daughter called the police, who cordoned off the area. Police attempted unsuccessfully to get a response from inside the house with a telephone and bullhorn. They finally entered and found Twillman, his wife, Patricia; son, Scott, 18, and daughter, Dawn, 15, all dead.

Paul Filla, who lives next door to the Twillmans, said he was awakened shortly after 8 a.m. when county police arrived and asked him to vacate his house. Filla said he heard no shots.

"He was to retire in March," Filla said of Twillman. "But they forced him to take leave early because they said he had enough sick time and vacation time built up. The whole family was just wonderful people. I find this very shocking."

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