Fullerton : School Officials Will Meet Again to Discuss Placentia Annexation

School board representatives from three cities will meet for a second time Tuesday to discuss Fullerton's proposed conditions for annexation of the Yorba Linda Elementary School District by Placentia.

Fullerton's proposal requires that any annexation be approved by voters in all three affected areas. It also gives the Fullerton district an 8% increase in state revenue to compensate for the estimated $2.5 million it may lose if Yorba Linda's 925 high school students are transferred to Placentia.

Fullerton, which has opposed previous annexation efforts, hopes to include its proposal in an annexation bill that Yorba Linda and Placentia education officials are seeking. That idea is the latest in a 10-year effort by Yorba Linda officials to find a high school closer to home.

The Fullerton proposal, approved unanimously by that school board last week, intends to ensure that no jobs or revenues would be lost--or schools closed--if students from Yorba Linda withdraw from Fullerton high schools to join Placentia.

Representatives from the three districts held their first meeting last week.

"Some of the school board members seemed to think the form of the document looked too much like a legal contract, so we agreed to come up with some guidelines to aid in the discussion of the issues," Fullerton Supt. Robert C. Martin said.

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