Ranch Holding Open House

The newly refurbished, 500-acre Quail Ranch Resort & Country Club in Moreno will hold open house today and next weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., featuring entertainment and refreshments.

Developers Jack Kirby and Richard Barclay offer a concept they call ranchownership that entitles a maximum of 2,500 families to a lifetime undivided interest in Quail Ranch and its amenities. Unlike buying a week at a time-share development, they said, a ranch owner is entitled to affordable overnight lodging and all ranch facilities year-round.

The property, formerly the Quail Lake golf club, is located at 15960 Gilman Springs Road. It is 76 freeway miles from downtown Los Angeles, 70 miles from central Orange County and 17 miles from Riverside.

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