The City Council has decided to roll back fees for this spring's Tiny Tot program after a group of parents complained they weren't adequately notified about the increases.

The city now subsidizes about 76% of the program, a series of arts, crafts and music classes for preschool children. The council said the 76% figure is out of line with other city-sponsored activities. Similar programs receive an average subsidy of 30%, Cerritos spokeswoman Michele Ogle said.

For the Tiny Tot program, residents are charged $18 for 60 hours of instruction (three days a week for 10 weeks) and $12 for 40 hours (two days a week for 10 weeks.) Non-residents are charged $27 and $18, respectively, for the same classes.

The parent group, led by Eileen Kunstt of Cerritos, complained there wasn't enough notice about the fee increase and persuaded the council not to impose the increase this spring. Beginning this summer, however, fees will be increased $5 a quarter for the next two years, with the cost climbing as much as $40 a session by summer, 1987, Ogle said.

Anyone who was charged the higher fee for the spring sessions can contact the city and receive a refund, Ogle said.

While applauding the council's decision not to raise fees this spring, Kunstt said the group opposes any increase. "Many parents will not be able to pay that much, especially those with more than one child," she said.

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