Might Makes Right?

Upon reading the three-page article on Police Chief Bill Kolender (" 'Billy Humble': Unusual Success in Cops' Macho World," Times, March 10), I recalled a billboard advertisement that appeared outside of Spokane, Wash., 10 years ago. The ad was one for the Washington State Police and read, "Applicants being accepted: 5' 10" and under--college degree; 5'11" to 6'2"--two years of college; 6'2" and above--high school diploma or equivalent."

It would appear that the chief of San Diego's finest fits the latter category in the above advertisement--6'3", bareley educated beyond his high school diploma; however, wise enough to surround himself with the wealthy, influential and those of questionable integrity (Ed Meese). "Might Makes Right?"

Question: Is a man who does not "enjoy" reading, but finds the "A Team" enjoyable entertainment, who is ill-educated and surrounds himself with the owners of professional athletic teams and the likes of Ed Meese a suitable character to hold the position of police chief, let alone be a principal candidate of our illustrious President for director of the FBI?

Methinks the answer is a resounding NO, unless of course, Mr. T. is appointed Secretary of State!


Del Mar

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