Red Lights

What ever happened to the law that you stop for a red traffic light?

For some time I have noticed that when a line of cars is proceeding through an intersection on a green light, not only do the cars continue as the light turns yellow, but one or two will squeeze through after the light has turned red!

This morning I saw something worse. Two cars at two different intersections totally ignored the red light and ran the light without even slowing down.

A generation ago I was in a car that was involved in an accident. We were entering an intersection on a green light when suddenly a panel truck came from our right, running a red light, and collided with us. Fortunately, it was a bit ahead of us so that our light car hit the truck rather than it hitting us. Neither the truck driver nor anyone in our car was injured, though the truck was overturned and the front end of our car was smashed in.

It strikes me that with this growing phenomenon of red-light running, there are going to be more collisions in intersections, and most of those involved will not be so lucky as I was in that accident long ago.

Are we really in such a hurry that we must so foolishly risk killing and being killed?


Long Beach

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