Letters in VIEW : Wildlife Film Lovers Agree

I enjoyed Miv Schaaf's piece on the problem of music in natural history films ("The Woods are Lovely, Dark, Musical," March 13). I make wildlife films--a number for the BBC, including sequences for the current David Attenborough epic as well as much simpler teaching films at UCLA--and I agree completely.

I happen to admire many scores for feature films but it has always seemed inappropriate to have music "rattling away" in the background (and, too often, foreground) of natural history films. Traditionally, music in films is used to trigger an emotional response in the audience, to manipulate the audience. That seems quite wrong in a factual presentation.

You may be interested to know that at an International Wildlife Filmmakers Symposium which I will be attending in England, in September, a formal debate on the motion, "In the opinion of this symposium human music has a legitimate role in pure wildlife sequences," will be held.

I also feel that KCET is programming far too much natural history--suddenly it's "hot" so we have a plethora--often programmed back to back and therefore making it all too commonplace and diminishing the wonder of the natural world.

Thank you very much for raising this issue in print.


Los Angeles

I loved your article and agree that the natural sounds of the environment are lovelier than man-made sounds. As a child I have gone out on my snowshoes in the winter wilds of Saskatchewan and listened to the absolute absence of sound. Beautiful. It is still with me. And at my feet the small tracks of some little animal in the white purity of six feet of snow which covered the entire province in February, March--even as late as May. I often think it must have been like that before the advent of man.


Huntington Park

Your article today re: the ubiquitous music played in every chink of today's society, and horrifying on KCET--the last bastion of the sensitive, discriminating viewers--prompted an answer.

I too subscribe to KCET and appreciate the fine programs it offers. But I have noticed an insidious creeping, pandering to the current fad of noise.

A devoted reader and kindred soul I'm sure.


Van Nuys

Mothers and the Little League

Good heavens! We have seen it all: the recipe in your article on how to be a Little League mother ("Little League Mothers Get in the Game" by Allan Parachini, March 12).

I was a Little League mother twice, for two sons, and it hardly warranted a workshop. What is next on your psychological claptrap list?



Views of the Sorority System

I read Tia Gindick's article about Alpha Delta Pi on March 4 ("A Sorority Deepens Bond as It Celebrates 134th Year"). I was angry that you would present such an elitist and racist group in a manner that would seem to support that type of organization. I studied the picture looking for representation by some minorities and found that there were no recognizable minority women in the photo.

Why not present the other side of the story as there are many not so rich, not so pretty and not so white women who go through rush week only to find that prejudice is alive and well at our educational institutions?


Newbury Park

It was such a pleasure to open my Los Angeles Times and read a positive and knowledgeable article concerning the 134th anniversary of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. One seldom reads anything good about the sorority and fraternity system, and this article was a joy.


Manhattan Beach

The article in celebration of Alpha Delta Pi's 134th anniversary luncheon was both thoughtful and effective. What a joy to have something truly meaningful and positive story published in the press about the sorority system.

Although I write as a very appreciative individual, I am a national officer of Alpha Chi Omega who has also served as both a chapter adviser and as rush director at UCLA. Need I say that the great majority of the time my level of frustration with negative publicity (as earned by our male counterparts) is very high? You have done a very real service to the Panhellenic system and I, for one, take real pleasure in this opportunity to offer my thanks.


Los Angeles

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