Europe Rail Discounts

The Mature Traveler column of March 31 carried an interesting and informative article by Bill Hughes, specifying railroad discounts for senior citizens traveling in Europe. Hughes specifies these discounts for almost all countries in Europe but fails to fill the hole left by Saltzman’s guide, which omitted Germany’s senior citizens special fare.

Senior citizens traveling in Germany should be advised to purchase a Senior Pass, Type B (valid for every day of the week) for DM110 (equals $35 as of this writing). This pass is valid for one year. The expense of this pass is easily recouped by the discount of 50% on all railroad tickets (either first- or second-class compartments). Since travel within Germany is expensive, a trip from Hamburg to Munich covers the cost.

For an additional DM20 you can add the Rail Europe pass, which discounts travel by 50% in Britain, Holland, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Spain. With this same pass a discount of 30% is granted for travel in Denmark, Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Austria.

This Senior Pass is an effective alternative for the Eurailpass if a passenger plans to stay a longer period in Europe.



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