Dickerson’s Hiring of Norton as His Agent Might Mean That Rams Are in for a Fight

Alarms went off at Ram headquarters last week when Eric Dickerson fired agent Jack Mills and hired former boxer Ken Norton to handle his affairs.

Was Dickerson gearing up for some heavyweight negotiating?

“Everybody’s worried,” Dickerson said by phone Monday. “I haven’t said anything about a holdout. July’s a long way away when we’re going to camp, and I’ll probably be there.”

Dickerson said he had not fired Mills for failing to renegotiate Dickerson’s contract, which has two years to run.


“What concerned me more was, I’d like to get more involved in my business affairs, and I couldn’t see my money when I wanted to,” Dickerson said. “Jack’s in Boulder (Colo.). He did a great job for me, but he’s just too far away.”

As for his contract, which will pay him $350,000 this season, Dickerson said: “I won’t say I’m not happy with it. We’re going to re-evaluate it.”