'Misguided' Raid on Laboratory

I support your editorial, which supported animal research and condemned the crimes committed by the Animal Liberation Front.

As a social worker for the Multiple Sclerosis Society, I can say that there would be little hope of finding a treatment or cure for MS if animal research was stopped. At least 500,000 people in the United States, and their families, would be without hope in eventually finding the cause and cure for multiple sclerosis.

There have been many diseases that have been cured, and many treatments have resulted because this research is possible. Everyone benefits from animal research. Antibiotics, pain medication and vaccinations are some of the few advances that were made because of animal research, and which all people have or will benefit from.

Another factor that the animal liberation movement fails to address is that 80% of all animal research occurs on mice and rats, not dogs, cats and monkeys. Research is conducted only on higher mammals (which also includes the human species) only when necessary. Such research is done in a controlled environment, which is monitored to insure humane treatment.

Little sense is made by the Animal Liberation Front, as they seem to have no concept whatsoever of human suffering.



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