Signal Hill

The City Council has approved plans to pave Panorama Drive and repave and extensively landscape nearby 23rd Street.

The two streets ring Signal Hill near its crest, giving sightseers a view of Long Beach, downtown Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.

Cost of the project is estimated at $2.5 million. It would be paid out of Redevelopment Agency money, said James Biery, city public works director.

Panorama Drive, the north side of the loop, is a two-way dirt road. Twenty-third Street, on the south side, is poorly paved, and has diagonal street-side parking, which city officials say is dangerous. The diagonal parking would be removed and a 30-foot-wide greenbelt added on the north side of the road.

Electrical and telephone wires would be buried along the circular three-quarter-mile route, and three view areas and a pedestrian walkway would be added.

The plan was opposed by some condominium owners along the route, who were worried about increased traffic.

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