Attorney for Ginny Foat Sues Her for $9,800 in Fees

Times Staff Writer

A lawyer for feminist leader Ginny Foat sued his former client Monday for $9,800 in attorney fees and costs for his help in her successful defense of murder charges in Louisiana 18 months ago.

Fullerton lawyer Robert K. Tuller claimed in his Orange County Superior Court suit that Foat, who lives in the San Francisco area, has paid $7,820 but has failed to make any payments on the balance since March, 1984.

Tuller had helped Foat fight extradition to Louisiana, where she eventually stood trial in the tire-iron murder of an Argentine businessman. She had been implicated by a former husband, John Sidote, a three-time confessed murderer, but was acquitted in November, 1983.

The suit alleges that the “reasonable value” of Tuller’s services was $10,500 and that he advanced costs of $7,120. He said most of the costs were in travel, hotel and meal expenses in Louisiana.


The lawyer said he had every reason to believe that Foat, the former president of California’s National Organization for Women chapter, would pay the bills.

“She’s been busy, going around the country lecturing,” he said. “She’ll pay it.”

He filed the suit, he said, because the statutory period within which to sue for money due was running out. The suit also seeks 18% interest, attorney fees and costs.

Foat could not be reached for comment Monday.