Woman Held in Fatal Shooting of Mate

Times Staff Writer

A 45-year-old La Habra woman fatally shot her husband in the back because he threatened her teen-age daughter during a domestic fight, police said Tuesday.

La Habra Police Capt. Mike Burch said Alannah Kroo called police to her home at 215 S. Bedford St. moments after the shooting and was arrested on suspicion of murder.

The body of John Kroo, a truck driver with G & G Produce in the city of Commerce, was found in the living room. He had suffered a single shotgun wound in his back, Burch said.

Autopsy Conducted


An autopsy Tuesday showed that Kroo died of acute hemorrhaging caused by gunshot lacerations of the heart and lungs, a spokeswoman for the Orange County coroner’s office said.

Alannah Kroo, a housewife and unemployed cosmetologist, was being held on $250,000 bail at the La Habra City Jail.

Police said Mrs. Kroo phoned police about 11:50 p.m. Monday and “indicated she had just shot her husband,” Burch said.

In the presence of Alannah Kroo’s 15-year-old daughter, the couple had been having a “marital disagreement” Monday night, Burch said, arguing for about two hours before the shooting. “No blows were struck,” Burch said.


The girl, who lived with the Kroos, tried to intercede in the argument, and that apparently angered her stepfather, Burch said. He said John Kroo “began to chase her in a threatening manner” but never struck the girl.

Pulled Out Shotgun

Alannah Kroo reached under a chair in the living room and pulled out a 20-gauge single-shot shotgun and fired one round at her husband’s back, Burch said.

The gun was registered to Alannah Kroo, Burch said, but he did not know why she had purchased it.

Neighbors did not hear the family arguing, nor did they hear a gunshot, Burch said. He said the argument was not directly related to the daughter or anything she had done.

“She just decided to put in her two cents’ worth,” Burch said, “and it was at the wrong time.”