Wit and Inventiveness Add Spice to the Woodbury Show

Woodbury University students' view of future fashion comes wrapped in Hefty trash bags, double-strength plastic and Pampers disposable diapers.

Judi Kaminishi created cocktail dresses out of shimmering, metallic double-strength plastic. Luz de la Riva made a winter coat out of snowy white Pampers. And senior Jeralynthia Banks fashioned a witty white wedding gown from Hefty kitchen bags trimmed in lace and encrusted with beads and pearls.

Twenty fashion-design students presented these looks as well as other more conventional ones at the Downtown Los Angeles university's 22nd annual fashion show, which was held recently at the Pasadena Center Exhibition Building.

Strolling down the runway were everything from swimsuits to luxurious evening gowns. One noteworthy gown looked suitable for dinner at the White House. It was a fitted strapless black velvet fishtail sheath sprinkled with sequins and crystal beads, designed by senior James Deans.

London-born Deans, who is in the process of becoming a permanent U.S. resident, won two of the evening's top honors. His prize-winning looks were a white silk and linen dress in a primitive print of his own design and a Kabuki kimono and obi adapted for modern theater.

Other Winners

Four other winners of $100 merchandise certificates were Banks, for her one-piece swimsuit design in a black-and-white piano keyboard motif; junior Sophie Williams, who designed a black-and-brown checked pleated mantle over full pleated pants; senior Monique Long, for her gray-and-white striped linen skirt, halter and pleated dolman-sleeve coat, and senior Leslie Smart, who made a white lace dress with a handkerchief hemline.

Junior De la Riva and senior Kaminishi also won special awards for fabric design.

Outstanding senior awards went to Sergio Witzelsberger in fashion design and Jan Peterson in marketing.

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