Appointment Advice

We of the San Diego Black/Jewish Dialogue wish to commend the San Diego County Board of Supervisors for creating the Human Rights Commission, and agree with the criteria for appointment of commissioners. We would, however, like to see the supervisors go a little further and consider these additional points in selecting nominees: We feel the appointees should have a knowledge of what the field of human relations is; we believe they should be skilled in mediation, and we think an ability to cut through the rhetoric and deal directly with issues is necessary.

On the matter of staff assistance, it is our hope that the chief administrative officer will assign a member of his staff, with appropriate assistance, who will have a primary responsibility to work directly with the Human Rights Commission.

In advance of its submission of an annual work plan, we are confident that the commission will solicit input from civic and community organizations to help identify urgent issues. The Black/Jewish Dialogue is ready and willing to assist the Human Rights Commission in carrying out its assignment.




San Diego

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