Contest Shapes Up as a Million-Dollar Battle

Before it is over, the race for the city's 13th District City Council seat probably will cost the contenders at least $1 million.

So far, Michael Woo, the challenger who has never held public office, has been able to meet the financial pace set by incumbent Peggy Stevenson, who has been in office 10 years and enjoys the support of some of the city's most prominent political fund-raisers.

Since the start of 1984, Woo and Stevenson each have collected about $320,000 and each has estimated raising $200,000 to $300,000 more.

The two have relied on very different sources for financial help. For Stevenson, the largest source of campaign capital has been the real estate industry, which has provided her with nearly $105,000. For Woo, the biggest contributor by far has been his father, banker-businessman Wilbur Woo, who has given $8,500 and made or guaranteed loans totaling $140,000.

The largest single contributor to Stevenson has been the Occidental Petroleum Corp., which gave $15,500. Other major contributors to her campaign have included the Alexander Haagen Development Co. ($14,299), the Hellenic-American Political Action Committee ($13,300), real estate lobbyist Phillip Krakover ($12,700) and Beverly Hills real estate developer Elliot Gottfurcht ($8,149).

Besides his father, Woo's major backers include a political action committee organized by Woo's former employer, state Sen. David A. Roberti (D-Los Angeles) ($20,500), developer Shao Tien Chow ($4,500) and realtor Soonie Lim ($2,610).

Research for this article was done by The Times Poll under the supervision of Susan Pinkus.

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