Redondo Beach

Over objections from some property owners, the Redondo Beach City Council--in its first meeting with two new members--voted Tuesday to introduce an ordinance that would end a building moratorium imposed a year ago while putting new restrictions on residential development.

On Councilman Archie Snow’s motion, however, the council voted to ease proposed limitations on new development in the land use district. His amendment allows construction of five units when two adjacent lots of at least 15,000 feet each are combined. The original proposal allowed no more than two units per lot, with no combinations allowed.

Mayor Barbara Doerr tried to veto the amendment, but the city attorney said she would have to wait until the entire revised ordinance is adopted by the council at its meeting next week.

The vote on the amendment was 3 to 1, with Councilwoman Marcia Martin voting against it and newly elected Councilwoman Kay Horrell abstaining because she had headed the Planning Commission just before her election.


Four votes are required to override a veto, so if Doerr vetoes the ordinance it could not be overridden unless Martin changed sides.

In public testimony that lasted more than two hours, the majority of property owners present objected to proposed lower densities in residential areas and to more stringent parking and storage space requirements.

The building moratorium, imposed to allow the city to study density and on-street parking problems, has been extended twice and expires July 1.