‘English-Only Rules Are Un-American’

My glasses got “all steamed up” while reading Frank del Olmo’s article (Editorial Pages, May 16), “English-Only Rules Are Un-American.”

To begin with, why should the United States of America schools cater to the various ethnic groups with bilingual education. I’m an elderly French-American, who was born in Los Angeles and attended schools in Los Angeles County. In my day, bilingual education was unheard of.

At our grammar school, there were Italian, French, German, Japanese, and yes, Mexican students. We beginners spoke little or no English. At that age, youngsters’ brains are like sponges and absorb knowledge quickly. The older students were very helpful, as they had already gone through the process of learning English. The teachers were very patient, too.

Within six months all of us learned the language and were able to communicate very well in class and outdoors during recess and lunchtime. It wasn’t the rule, but the students spoke English only while at school.


In my opinion, Del Olmo is very un-Mexican-American for not wanting English to be our official language in public schools and in the public and private workplace.