Just some random thoughts:

In the ongoing has-anyone-noticed-that-this-person-looks-like-that-person contest (Calendar Letters, 1984-85), I submit that the John Madden we see in the Miller Lite commercials is really John Candy in disguise.

Think Westerns are dead? Sure, when Indians turned into Native Americans, film producers stopped using them as targets of wholesale slaughter, as it seemed unpatriotic. But what to do? Our blood-thirst had to be quenched. Well, it took awhile, but we finally found another faceless horde on which genocide could be practiced: the Indo-Chinese. Truth is, these Vietnam films are really the Westerns of the Eighties.

And then there's Chuck Norris who proclaims, "It's sex scene that can harm a kid" ("Chuck Norris--An All-American Hit," by Pat H. Broeske, May 12). Couldn't agree more. I mean, who wants our kids to turn into sexually aware human beings instead of beer-swiggin', gonad-kickin', gun-blazin' macho thimbleheads like the ones Norris portrays? You are what you act, Chuck.


Redondo Beach

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