Redondo Beach Day Care Needs

Where has America's compassion and understanding for its children gone? Where has the belief in the value of a child's rights to a safe and happy childhood gone?

Once in our history people stood up for the rights of our children. A need was perceived and public schooling was the response of the people. It is time society faced up to a new need, the need of younger children with parents who work.

With the growing number of women in today's workplace, the luxury of a stay-at-home mother is becoming a thing of the past for most children. These children, as well as their parents, need our attention!

Child care for children who are under school age has been, and basically still is, the sole responsibility of the parents. But, occasionally there comes a time when parents have to ask for assistance. This was the case for over 200 parents who have children who attend the Aladdin Day Care Center.

The day care facility did not have its lease renewed on the basis of a questionable technicality. The parents appealed to the Redondo Beach School Board for a re-evaluation, but were met with resistance and a lack of compassion. A parent has to wonder if there are any elected officials in the city who understand the impact this will have on their child's life. There can be no doubt that the school board does not take seriously the needs of our infant population, nor the difficulties that a parent faces in finding a proper facility to care for their child.

Why is the care of smaller children any less important than that of older students? Should a dollar figure always be the bottom line? Our school board should feel extremely chastised for their behavior. And they can be assured that their response, in this time of need, will be remembered at election time by any parent who has children in the Aladdin Day Care facility!


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