Western-Area Superintendent to Retire

Region D Supt. Warren Juhnke, the chief administrator for the western area of the Los Angeles Unified School District, is retiring after 34 years of service in the district.

Juhnke will be replaced by Alfred Moore, a veteran educator who has worked in the Los Angeles school district for 30 years. Moore is currently a member of a task force monitoring school compliance with state-mandated guidelines for educational reforms. He is a former principal of the 95th Street Preparatory School where an award-winning pilot project in educational research was conducted.

Juhnke joined the district in 1951 as an English teacher at Westchester High School. In 1963 he was named principal of Fleming Junior High School. From 1968 to 1972 he served as principal of University High School. He was named Region D administrative coordinator of instruction in 1972, and served as deputy area administrator from 1974 to 1981, when he was named region superintendent.

Juhnke is among 1,200 district staff members who will be retiring at the end of the school year on June 30. School officials said that the number of retirees is about average for a district which has nearly 55,000 full-time teaching and non-teaching employees.

The district released the following names of teaching and non-teaching staff members who will be retiring from Westside area schools in June:

- Carthay Center: Kathryn Taboada (35 years) and Ralph Jennings (25 years).

- Charnock Road: Gloria Fields (36), June Jameson (25), Margaret Lester (37), Elsie Mudra (28), Sonia Saffil (8).

- Cienega: Esther L. Pike (34) and Edgar H. Woodson (31).

- Community School: Mary Priestly Jones (20).

- Fairburn Avenue: Elaine Avak (30).

- Hillcrest Drive: Eunice C. Brooks (33).

- Kentor Canyon: Ruth Wood (28).

- Laurel: Vivian Penny DiBella (10) and Gloria Oben Aronoff (36).

- Roscomare Road: Betty Harris (6), George Howell (13).

- Selmar Avenue: Almitra Carter (9).

- Stoner: Norma Holzer (23).

- 36th Street: Margaret G. Morton (22).

- Walgrove Avenue: Claire Wikle (22).

- Wilshire Crest: Marilyn Parlen (20).

- Windsor Hills: Marilyn F. Parlen (20).

- Wonderland Avenue: Alvena Grossman (23).

- John Burroughs Junior High School: Maggie Dorton (23), Eileen Klimes (12) and Irma Wilson (18).

- Emerson Junior High: Beverly Barnes Fix (22) and Dan Force (35).

- Marina del Rey: Anthony J. Picciano (36).

- Palms Junior High: Leroy L. Nelson (28), David Young (21), Dorothy K. Vaum (11).

- Webster: Marvin R. Breslauer (30).

- Hamilton High School: Dorothy Marker (34), Joan O'Brien (21).

- Palisades High School: John Lawton Banks, Jr. (35), Mario Pasella (25), Mary Jane Chappel (11).

- Venice High School: Manuel Alcanter (31), Kenneth Swantz (28), Margaret Pasella (27).

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