One week I wait to read The Times review of the Ojai Festival--there is the excitement that is inherent in having a major, world-class composer present in the L.A. area. I look forward to an on-the-spot interview with one of the truly original sound makers in the last half-century.

What did we get? 1) A weather report, 2) a fashion report, 3) news of barking dogs in the neighborhood, 4) the scoop from the “non-musical front"--a large ice cream novelty available at a local liquor store (“Ojai Festival ’85: A Celebration Messiaen,” by Daniel Cariaga, June 9).

Tell us something about the rhythms, instrumentation and tones. What of the highly significant connection Messiaen has made between his “modern” sound and his traditional and devout Catholic belief?

If Cariaga doesn’t understand Messiaen’s sounds, let him tell us. It is allowed, even in a critic. But to unself-consciously show us his distractions in print is to abandon those of us who know how to see with our ears to his garish longing to be somewhere else . . . perhaps in San Francisco with Wagner?


Hire me next time. I’ll get the interview and Cariaga will get his ice cream.