San Diego

The San Diego Fire Department doesn't ordinarily respond to a call of a cat in a tree, but this one appeared pressing: A 20-pound bobcat on a leash had become caught in a tree outside a Hillcrest apartment building about 7 p.m. Thursday.

"We did not want the neighborhood to lose cats and dogs," Capt. August Ghio quipped. The pet's chain had become caught in the branches. Workers from the state Department of Fish and Game and County Animal Control were already on the scene, in the 4500 block of Cleveland Avenue, when firefighters arrived with a 24-foot ground ladder.

Firefighters used a pole noose to pull the tree branch close to the apartment building's roof, where, Ghio said, "two burly firemen subdued the cat--holding his head and feet" and others covered it with a net.

Animal control officials were searching for the cat's owner.

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