How Regents Voted on Divestiture Plan

Here was the vote on the proposal by Regent Willie Brown, Speaker of the Assembly, for full divestiture of University of California holdings in U.S. firms doing business in South Africa:

For: Sheldon W. Andelson, Brown, Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, Fred N. Gaines, John Henning, state Superintendent of Public Instruction Bill Honig, Lt. Gov. Leo T. McCarthy, Stanley K. Sheinbaum and Yori Wada.

Against: Glenn Campbell, Edward W. Carter, Frank W. Clark Jr., Gov. George Deukmejian, UC President David P. Gardner, Jeremiah F. Hallisey, Willis W. Harman, Frank L. Hope Jr., Vilma S. Martinez, Joseph A. Moore, George H. Pennebaker, Robert O. Reynolds, Dean A. Watkins and Harold M. Williams.

Abstaining: William J. Milliken, Robert N. Noyce, William French Smith.

Here was the vote on UC President Gardner's proposal for creation of a committee to review university investments in companies that do business in South Africa on a "case-by-case" basis.

For: Carter, Clark, Deukmejian, Gardner, Hallisey, Harman, Honig, Hope, Martinez, Milliken, Moore, Noyce, Pennebaker, Reynolds, Wada and Williams.

Against: Andelson, Brown, Burke, Campbell, Gaines, Henning, McCarthy, Sheinbaum, Smith and Watkins.

Regents David Geffen and William A. Wilson were absent.

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