Murray Receives Bogey on Chen Columns . . .

Jim Murray's columns on T.C. Chen and the U.S. Open are sickening in their arrogance and condescension. Murray responds to Chen's efforts with a series of patronizing , ethnic caricatures, such as "The Chinese, they are a clever race" and "Confucius, of course, would say. . . . " How would he have responded had Nicklaus or Ballesteros shot the double-eagle and led the way?

Chen does not represent the Chinese people any more than Ballesteros represents Spaniards, or Trevino Mexican-Americans. They are individual athletes representing only themselves. Each should be recognized for his play, not his ethnicity.

Murray offends those of us who believe that sports, and good sportsmanship in particular, should transcend nationality and ethnic background.


Corona del Mar

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