'Cave-in on the Contras '

It is with deep regret that I notify you of my withdrawal from the Democratic Party as a registered voter, and the removal of my name from the contributors' list of the Democratic National Committee in Washington, D.C.

As a lifelong registered Democrat and a regular contributor to the party, I was shocked an disgusted by the shameful Democratic House vote in favor of aid to the contra terrorists. Apparently, a significant number of House Democrats have, in a cowardly fashion, caved in to President Reagan's Central American war policy, which violates international law and the moral precepts for which this great nation stands.

Rather than being the party of courage with the moral fiber to stand for what is right and just, many Democrats--out of fear of criticism from the President--have instead joined in support of Reagan's foreign policy of using American tax dollars for contra terrorism against the citizens of Nicaragua.

By the next congressional election in 1986, the Democrats will realize the folly of their mistake. The party will no longer have the support of many voters like myself, who see less and less of a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans and who have left the Democratic fold and registered as Independent voters.

As for myself, I will not return to the Democratic Party until the vote to give my tax dollars in support of an official American policy of state-supported terrorism against the country of Nicaragua is reversed.



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