Volunteer workers and donations of cash, clothing, food and furniture are needed at the Hollywood office of Angel's Flight, a non-denominational shelter for runaways and abused and battered children under the age of 18.

Angel's Flight was established by the Catholic Welfare Bureau in October, 1982. The Hollywood office is located at 6361 Yucca Ave.

"We try to intercept (runaway) kids before the pimps and pushers get to them," said Ellie DiNatale, administrative assistant at the downtown branch.

"We help anyone under 18 who needs help," she said. "We provide food, temporary shelter, clothing, counseling, medical and transportation assistance to youths in crisis."

Volunteers are needed to help with case work, counseling (under staff supervision until they complete training), clerical tasks, in-house organization, housekeeping, support groups, publicity and fund-raising.

A spokesman said the Angel's Flight board of directors hopes to expand services in the Santa Monica and Venice beach areas.

The Hollywood center is open from noon to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. The phone number is 463-8525.

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