Judge Lets Dominelli, Hoover Charges Stand

From Associated Press

Bankrupt financier J. David (Jerry) Dominelli’s bid to have multiple perjury charges against him reduced to misdemeanors was rejected by a judge Thursday.

Municipal Court Judge Nicholas Kasimatis also refused to reduce to misdemeanors the felony perjury counts pending against Dominelli’s former business partner, Nancy Hoover, and political consultant Tom Shepard.

In considering the motions, Kasimatis pointed out that the same motions had been made on behalf of Mayor Roger Hedgecock and rejected by an appellate court.

“I guess I am safe in going along with the Court of Appeal,” Kasimatis said. “Perjury appears to be the more specific statute when it deals with statements made on political financial statements.”


Dominelli, Hoover and Shepard are accused of plotting with Hedgecock to finance his 1983 mayoral campaign with $357,000 of J. David & Co. money.

Dominelli founded the investment company in 1979 and pleaded guilty in March to fraud charges stemming from its February, 1984, collapse, which resulted in investors losing an estimated $80 million.

He was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison Monday on those charges and ordered to pay restitution.

Dominelli, Hoover and Shepard face a preliminary hearing Nov. 12 on the other charges. Hedgecock, who is being tried separately, faces retrial Aug. 22 on 13 felony counts of perjury and conspiracy.


Jurors deadlocked 11-1 for conviction in February.