Anaheim : Enforcement Teams Will Hunt Illegal Fireworks

Concerned with the threat of brush fires, Anaheim fire and police will have special teams on the lookout today for illegal fireworks.

Officials are worried not only about fireworks bought at 73 booths in the city but also about illegal ones, such as firecrackers, cherry bombs and skyrockets, said Gail McCloud, Anaheim deputy fire marshal.

The two special patrol teams that have been on the lookout for illegal fireworks since Monday will patrol Anaheim between 3 and 11 p.m., McCloud said. The number of teams will increase today from two to seven, Anaheim spokeswoman Carol Johnson said.

Last year, police gave out 33 citations and made two arrests. A citation could cost a violator from $100 to $300 in fines and another $175 to $200 in court costs, McCloud said.

Residents who want to report the illegal use of fireworks should call their city's police department. In Anaheim, residents who want to report the mishandling of fireworks may call a special number today: (714) 999-1998.

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